• QIAstat-Dx

    Product of QIAGEN GmbH
    For multiplex syndromic testing applications Intuitive workflow with less than one-minute hands-on time Utilizes real-time PCR to deliver results with Ct values and amplification curves Unique direct swab protocol for input into cartridge The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer, in combination with QIAstat-Dx assay cartridges, uses real-time PCR to detect pathogen nucleic acids in human biological samples. The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer and cartridges are designed as a closed system that enables hands-off sample …
  • QICPIC | RODOS & Co. | Particle Size and Particle Shape Analysis from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm

    Product of Sympatec GmbH
    The modular image analysis sensor QICPIC combines size and shape analysis of disperse particle systems within a size range of < 1 µm to 34,000 µm. Flexible sensor adaptation for analysis of powders, granules, fibres, suspensions and emulsions is provided by a wide range of dispersing and dosing units. Numerous implementations in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food and beverage technology or soil science just denote the array of applications in industry and research. The most prominent fe…
  • Qualification and Validation

    Exyte Central Europe GmbH offers services covering the complete GMP value chain from a single source. Complete solutions provided by Exyte Central Europe an expert partner meet the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Customer-specific solutions are tailored to the requirements of the relevant industrial sector: Selected services: GMP Consulting • GAP analysis/ GMP review • Mock service • Preparation and support for external audits Validation • Qualificati…
  • Quantaurus-QY Plus UV-NIR absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer

    Compact one-box absolute quantum yield spectrometer for luminescence materials using photoluminescence method. Additional options allow high-sensitivity, near-infrared, and upconverted measurements. Features:   Quick and easy quantum yield Low quantum yield of 1 % or lower Upconversion emission material Designed for solid, powder and liquid samples Near infrared up to 1650 nm
  • QVF SUPRA-Line

    QVF® SUPRA-Line glass components for systems from the previous 60 years Effective immediately, De Dietrich Process Systems is providing a 5-year glass guarantee. Glass systems provide an optimum way of observing the process and thus make process optimization easier. The safety of the glass components, which are designed in conformance with the pressure vessel directives EN1595 and AD2000, is guaranteed as well as their reliability and durability. The guarantee statement provided with each order…
  • Reaction vessels-flat flange

    The core competence of Schmizo AG is the development and manufacturing of customized glassware and equipment all the way to complete reactor systems on a consistent superior quality level. Our product range includes: glass reactors in more than 1’000 different sizes and shapes - from 25ml to 100 liters - with nominal diameters from DN 60 to DN 400 - with Schmizo- or SCHOTT-flanges double-wall reactors vessels in three-shell version with vacuum-insulated outer ja…
  • Reactors with glass ring baffles

    A world wide unique technology for temperature control Our circular ring flow disruptors guide (ring baffles) the heat transfer fluid evenly through the reactor sheath, which leads to precise temperature control and allows the thermostats to work most efficiently with a fast heating and cooling rate. Exclusively AG! offers this technology for all its glass reactor vessels Precise temperature control The working temperature in an AG! Reaction vessel is effectively and precisely controlled, in wh…
  • Refrigerated benchtop centrifuge

    Product of Milian S.A.
    Compact refrigerated centrifuge, temperature range from -11 °C to 40 °C Operation menu with large backlit display, keypad Swing-bucket rotors and adapters accommodate tubes and bottles from 0.2 mL to 1000 mL Plate rotor options for centrifugation of all types of MTP, PCR or Deepwell plates Fixed-angle rotors applications in tubes from 0.2 mL to 85 mL Quiet operation to improve your work environment (Noise level : with rotor FA-6 x 50< 60 dB(A), with rotor S-4 x 750< 55 dB(A) Aerosol-tight …
  • Reinräume mit Klimakompaktgeräten

    Product of Weiss Technik AG
    Klimageräte und Komponenten für Reinraum-Anwendungen und Messräume Höchste Ansprüche -kompakte Lösung Die neue Generation der einmoduligen Klima-Kompaktgeräte wurde speziell für den universellen Einsatz für unterschiedliche Klima- und Reinraumanforderungen entwickelt. Kompakte Bauweise, kombiniert mit innovativer Technik, sorgen für langfristige Betriebskostenvorteile. Bei Weiss Klimatechnik können Sie auf eines der umfangreichsten Produkt-Sortimente für Reinraumanwendungen und Messr…
  • Reinraum Jahrbuch 2019

    Deutsch reinraum online ist das größte deutschsprachige Portal der Reinraum-Branche im Internet. Diese Internet-Seiten vermitteln Aktuelles rund um das Thema „Reinraum“. Gegliedert ist die Navigation nach News, WER-WO-WAS, Veranstaltungen, Wissen, Forum, Cleansmen und Personalanzeigen. Die Suchfunktion erlaubt ein einfaches Finden von Inhalten, Partnern, Lieferanten, Know-how und Serviceangeboten. Die Inhalte werden monatlich in einem Newsletter zusammengefasst und kostenlos an ca. 4.000 Abo…
  • Reinraumqualifizierung gemäss ISO 14644 - Sicherheit und Compliance für Ihre Reinräume

    Profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung bei der Abwicklung von Qualifizierungsprojekten im Reinraum-Bereich. Unser Service beinhaltet die komplette Abwicklung und Durchführung aller Qualifizierungstätigkeiten und die Kalibrierung aller prüfrelevanten Messstellen. Zu den Qualifizierungsprüfungen gehören beispielsweise Klassifizierungsmessungen, Erholzeitmessungen, Strömungsmessungen, Differenzdruckmessungen und Strömungsvisualisierungen und mikrobiologisches Monitoring. Unser modular…
  • ReinRaumTechnik

    ReinRaumTechnik is aimed at the operators and users of cleanrooms in scientific research and industry focusing on latest developments in cleanroom design and construction, ventilation technology, cleaning, particle monitoring and clothing. The applications are related to medicine and industrial manufacturing of semiconductors, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. The section SterilTechnik deals with hygienic and sterile conditions necessary in the processing sectors mentioned ab…