• …creating solutions

    • Hall 1.1 C221
    pixon is your pharmaceutical engineering partner, who specialises on the realisation of (bio-) pharmaceutical processes and facilities within a GMP regulated environment. It is our aim to individually support our customers from the pharmaceutical industry, to develop solutions together and to generate a long-lasting added value. pixon can support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Beginning with consulting activities to concept planning, detail/basic engineering, project mana…
  • -86°C. Tiefkühlschrank TSX60086V

    Product of Koch Kälte AG
    • Hall 1.1 E140
    Der Thermo Tiefkühlschrank TSX60086V wird vollumfänglich mit umweltfreundlichen Kältemitteln betrieben. Die Drehzahlgesteuerten Kompressoren garantieren einen sehr tiefen Energieverbrauch sowie eine geringe Wärmeabgabe an die Umgebung. Das Gerät ist geeignet für die Lagerung von Labor- und Pharmaprodukten. Die Steuerung mit Touchscreen Bildschirm verfügt über diverse Datenaufzeichnungsvarianten wie: Temperaturverlauf, Alarmverlauf, Temperaturfühler, Stromausfall etc. Bei einer Störung erfolgt di…
  • 306 Pump Ctl Module, (110/220V)

    Product of Gilson (Schweiz) AG
    • Hall 1.1 A201
    Zusammen mit manometrischen Modulen und dynamischen Mischern bieten die 305- und 306-Pumpen eine kostengünstige und zuverlässige Pumpenlösung für analytische und präparative HPLC. Die auswechselbaren Pumpenköpfe ermöglichen Durchflussraten von 10 µL/min bis 200 mL/min für eine Vielzahl von Flüssigkeiten unterschiedlicher Viskositäten. Pumpen sind in isokratischer, binärer und tertiärer Konfiguration verfügbar. Bereich der Durchflussraten Die 305/306-Pumpen können entweder in isokratischer…
  • 530 peristaltic pumps

    • Hall 1.1 C230
    Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is showcasing its peristaltic pumps including the new 530 peristaltic cased pumps for upstream and downstream bioprocessing tasks.    New features include colour HMI display and intuitive menu structures that provide visual status indication and minimal key presses. Users and process engineers will also benefit from ultimate process security with the addition of a 3-level PIN lock.   The launch of the 530 pumps builds on a platform of precise, high pu…
  • 940 Professional IC Vario

    Product of Metrohm Schweiz AG
    • Hall 1.1 B151
    940 Professional IC Vario – Metrohm launches new high-performance ion chromatography system Metrohm launches the 940 Professional IC Vario, the new high-performance ion chromatography system for research applications and routine use. The 940 Professional IC Vario is Metrohm’s most versatile IC system yet. Entirely modular by design, the 940 Professional IC Vario enables unlimited configuration possibilities and meets even the most challenging analytical requirements. The profile of Metrohm‘…
  • A new analytical platform for everbody

    Product of Metrohm Schweiz AG
    • Hall 1.1 B151
    Tough competition and the pressure to cut costs per analysis are challenges faced by most laboratories today. Laboratory managers are asking more from their staff and analytical instrumentation. The trend is towards integrated solutions with the power and flexibility to respond to changing analytical tasks yet simple enough for everybody to operate them after a few hours of introduction. A modular platform enables custom configurations “Omnis” is the Latin word for “every” or “all”. It is…
  • ACQUITY APC Columns

    Product of Waters AG
    • Hall 1.1 E161
    Advanced Polymer Chromatography ACQUITY APC™ Columns deliver advanced sorbent technology for separating complex synthetic polymer and macromolecular species. They deliver superior performance and reliability for high resolution polymer characterization compared to conventional GPC columns. ACQUITY APC Columns improve advanced polymer chromatography by: Improving Bed Stability. ACQUITY APC Columns eliminate the shrinking and swelling that often occurs with polymeric stationary phases upon solven…
  • Acura® manual pipettes - superior working comfort

    Product of Socorex Isba SA
    • Hall 1.1 A225
    Ergonomics is a key word for the Acura® manual pipette line. From soft shape to smoothest activation, every detail drives to superior comfort level and stress-free pipetting. Soft springs and tightness ring with PTFE sleeve reduce plunger frictions. A large surface, soft padded ejector button provides for low-pressure activation. In addition the JustipTM shaft height adjustment system allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle. The Acura® manual pipettes are designed to perform i…
  • ADCC Bioassays

    Product of Promega AG
    • Hall 1.1 B135
    Drug developers are rapidly adopting Fc effector function reporter-based bioassays to measure ADCC activity during the development of therapeutic Abs. The ADCC Reporter Bioassay provides a biologically relevant and specific MOA-based measure of ADCC without the complex workflow and variability inherent in primary cell-based assays. Specifically, primary donor PBMC or NK cells are replaced with a Jurkat cell stably expressing human FcγRIIIa (either the high-affinity V158 or low-affinity F158…
  • AF2000 MT Flow Field-Flow Fractionation System

    • Hall 1.1 B222
    The new Dimension in FFF - Mid Temperature Flow Field-Flow Fractionation Precise, faster and high resolution separation of proteins, polymers and nanoparticles. Flow FFF is the world's first available temperature controlled FFF-MALS-System and perfectly suitable for separation, characterization and fractionation of proteins, bio-/polymers and nanoparticles. The complete system allows the user for the first time to use temperature as another dimension for FFF separation. So Postnova Anal…

    Product of Agidens AG
    • Hall 1.1 E220
  • Air-Jet Containmentsystem PES

    • Hall 1.1 C220
    The newly developed powder application system PES is based on a completely new design approach. The PES is used for the solid input (filling of powders, intermediates, catalysts, seed crystals, other starting materials) into pressure and reaction vessels (chemical synthesis), for the synthesis of API's, highly effective substances, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, metal powders (3D printing). The PES is an active-passive system. The passive part sits on the container, the active part on…