• Dosing in the lab with LiquiDoS - easy and functional

    Media release of HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH
    • Hall 1.1 A215
    LiquiDoS by HNP Mikrosysteme is a convenient and versatile dosing system for analysis, research and development. The compact system is configured according to customer requirements and delivered ready for operation. The comfortable, intuitive graphical user interface enables easy programming, reproducible results and a fast change between manual and automated dosing tasks. The heart of each system is a self-priming micro annular gear pump (mzr pump). This micropump, a filter and a shut-off …
  • Filtration-Single Use-and Mixing systems

    Media release of DrM, Dr. Müller AG
    • Hall 1.1 A159
    DrM, founded in 1982 by Dr. Hans Mueller, is a specialist for solid/liquid separation, vibratory mixing and single-use technologies. Our products experience worldwide recognition in various industries; Bio-/Pharmaceutical, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Food Processing, Agrochemical and Flavors & Fragrances to name a few. We are delighted to introduce new patented and innovative single-use products; FUNDABAC® Single-Use Filter – a Single-Use type Filter, with its unique multi-cycle operation capa…
  • History of the company Haslab GmbH

    • Hall 1.1 E250
    The beginning was in 1962. The former company Haska was one of the oldest laboratory supply providers in Switzerland. The company Haslab, which originated from Haska in 2001, was a small, flexible company and always had great success due to its proximity to customers. Since 2017 and due to the retirement of the team, the shareholders have handed over Haslab to younger hands. The new team with their decades of experience in the field of laboratory supplies have been leading the company Haslab …
  • NEW Particle Size Analyzers in our Portfolio!

    Media release of Anton Paar Switzerland AG
    • Hall 1.1 B161
    Anton Paar introduces particle size analyzers (PSA) Anton Paar’s portfolio for particle characterization has been expanded greatly by three new laser diffraction instruments for particle size analysis. The PSA instruments are based on the laser diffraction principle and give information about the particle size distribution in dry powders as well as in liquid dispersions. The new particle size analyzers, which have been recently acquired from the French company CILAS (Orléans, France), represent …
  • Sampling bag SteriBag Blue and Cleanroom

    Media release of Bürkle GmbH
    • Hall 1.1 A116
    The sampling specialist Bürkle has expanded its range of sampling bags by the SteriBag Blue and the SteriBag Cleanroom. The useful bags are ideal for transporting and storing solid, semi-solid and liquid media. The SteriBag Blue is perfect for the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. The sampling bag is coloured blue. The colour blue is highly visible and can be easily discovered in a visual check if a bag or parts of it are ever mixed into production. And the double packed SteriBag …
  • Turbiscan Tower - The New Reference, 6 times better

    Media release of 3P INSTRUMENTS GmbH & Co. KG
    • Hall 1.1 B131
    TURBISCAN TOWER is the brand new spearhead of the TURBISCAN RANGE to fully characterise the stability of concentrated dispersions (emulsions, suspensions, foams). Discover its new patented mechanical design, for an even better performance. Stability and shelf-life are key parameters in formulation studies. TURBISCAN is the first patented technology to analyse destabilization mechanisms in concentrated media. Creaming, sedimentation, agglomeration, aggregation and coalescence are detected at a ve…