• TipOne® Pipette Tips

    The TipOne® System The ‘One System, One Solution’ ethos remains! TipOne® is the unique Pipette Tip System engineered to fit all popular pipettes without any loss of accuracy or precision, and that’s guaranteed. High quality production methods and Quality Control measures guarantee the highest quality product, to ensure you get only the highest quality results. Every part of the system is interchangeable with the rest, and the system remains reusable, refillable and recyclable. The…
  • TreffLab PCR /qPCR products

    Product of Nolato Treff AG
    The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) has revolutionized molecular biology and is used today in many different applications. The range of extra thin-walled TreffLab PCR disposables covers: Standard PCR Products (transparent) 96-well OEM PCR plate 384-well PCR plate PCR single tube 0.2 ml PCR single tube 0.5 ml Strip of PCR tubes (strip of 8 tubes / strip of 12 tubes) qPCR products (white) for quantitative Real Time PCR 96-well OEM qPCR plate 96-well qPCR p…