• asecos GmbH
    Sicherheit und Umweltschutz

    • Hall 1.1 D232
    asecos is the leading German manufacturer of highly-insulated safety storage cabinets for flammables. For more than 20 years asecos is actively involved in international associations and work-ing groups to develop innovative and sustainable products to meet the challenges of storing hazardous materials in 21st century laboratories and industrial facilities. asecos cabinets are built according to the most stringent European and American standards and can be easily integrated into casework or used…
  • ASPEC® - automated SPE systems

    Trademark of Gilson (Schweiz) AG
    • Hall 1.1 A201
  • Autoclave

    The floor standing autoclaves of Zirbus are powerful, compact and economical to use in laboratories, pharmaceutical, animal husbandry and medicine. Through the diverse range of options they provide the correct and standardized solution for every application.
  • Automated Sampling under pressure

    Product of EQUILABO
    • Hall 1.1 D193
    This sampling system allow to take sample with volumes between microliters to few milliliters with an extremely low dead volume. This system is designed to work up to 180 bar and can be adapted on single or multi Reactors. It is composed of multiwayValve, exchangeable sampling coil and 6 receiving vials.
  • Axelent X-Tray

    Trademark of InduPart AG
    • Hall 1.1 A153
  • B Medical Systems

    Trademark of Hettich AG
    • Hall 1.1 A183
  • BagFilter

    Trademark of Interscience
    • Hall 1.1 A185
  • BagMixer

    Trademark of Interscience
    • Hall 1.1 A185
  • BD Falcon Erlenmeyer flasks

    Product of Milian S.A.
    • Hall 1.1 A130
    Security cap jars Erlenmeyer flasks are disposable culture and storage vessels for cell biology, microbiology, or molecular biology applications. They are ideal for use on shaker equipment for culturing bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cells as well as for reagent storage. Features: Provides flexibility with a 2-in-1 vented or non-vented leak-proof cap Allows uninhibited visualization of sample or media through the optically clear polycarbonate resin, which is lighter and safer than glass Non-…
  • Behr Laobrtechnik

    Trademark of Gerber Instruments AG
    • Hall 1.1 C244
  • BERND KRAFT Standards + lab chemicals Ready-to-use

    Product of Stehelin AG Chemgo
    • Hall 1.1 E125
    BERND KRAFT: Your specialist for laboratory chemicals BERND KRAFT is offering a full range of chemicals for laboratory and process applications. BERND KRAFT specializes in ready-to-use solutions, reagents, salts and standards (AAS, ICP, IC, sum parameters) BERND KRAFT : Ph. Eur. and Reag. Ph. Eur. qualities for testing medicine and medical devices Another core competency is developing custom products to cater to specific issues encountered by customers in analytic chemistry and thu…
  • Berner

    Trademark of SKAN AG
    • Hall 1.1 A190