• About Bosch Packaging Technology – Business Unit Pharma

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    Bosch Packaging Technology – product division Pharma is one of the leading providers of process technology and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The portfolio includes single units, complete lines and integrated systems for the manufacturing and processing of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. It also includes process technology, primary packaging, inspection technology for different application fields and packaging types. Secondary packaging with qualification and validation, …
  • Automated Laboratory Reactors for more safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

    Media release of SYSTAG, System Technik AG
    • Hall 1.1 C245
    As a specialist in automated laboratory reactors, SYSTAG offers user-focused solutions for demanding tasks in development, production and the qualification of chemical processes – all to make your processes safer, more efficient and cost-efficient. SYSTAG’s solutions to these challenges include the new ePAT, an automated lab reactor with uninterrupted data logging that can operate 24/7, and FlexyCUBE, the perfect solution for modular automation that meets your specific requirements. ePAT - the …
  • bioMérieux Industry

    Media release of bioMérieux (Suisse) S.A.
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    BIOMÉRIEUX: LONG-TIME INDUSTRY LEADER IN INNOVATIVE DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS Founded in 1963 by industry experts in diagnostics solutions, BioMérieux is a multi-generation solution provider of microbiological testing systems. As a global pioneer with an unrelenting spirit to improve upon public health and safety, our mission is to provide the food and pharmaceutical industries with innovative, precise technologies that help you manufacture safe products and improve your bottom line and productivity …
  • CLARIOstar Plus: A new generation of microplate readers

    Media release of BMG LABTECH GmbH
    • Hall 1.1 E192
    CLARIOstar Plus: A new generation of microplate readers Ortenberg, 2nd February 2019. BMG LABTECH introduced the new CLARIOstar®Plus, further extending its range of high-quality microplate readers. The next generation microplate reader comes with new user friendly features and was officially introduced to public at the SLAS conference and exhibition in Washington, D.C., in February 2019. Now featuring Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR), autofocus and dedicated detectors    The newly developed Enhanc…
  • Dosing in the lab with LiquiDoS - easy and functional

    Media release of HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH
    • Hall 1.1 A215
    LiquiDoS by HNP Mikrosysteme is a convenient and versatile dosing system for analysis, research and development. The compact system is configured according to customer requirements and delivered ready for operation. The comfortable, intuitive graphical user interface enables easy programming, reproducible results and a fast change between manual and automated dosing tasks. The heart of each system is a self-priming micro annular gear pump (mzr pump). This micropump, a filter and a shut-off …
  • Filtration-Single Use-and Mixing systems

    Media release of DrM, Dr. Müller AG
    • Hall 1.1 A159
    DrM, founded in 1982 by Dr. Hans Mueller, is a specialist for solid/liquid separation, vibratory mixing and single-use technologies. Our products experience worldwide recognition in various industries; Bio-/Pharmaceutical, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Food Processing, Agrochemical and Flavors & Fragrances to name a few. We are delighted to introduce new patented and innovative single-use products; FUNDABAC® Single-Use Filter – a Single-Use type Filter, with its unique multi-cycle operation capa…
  • Hahnemühle turns 435: the success story of a paper manufacturer

    Media release of Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH
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    Thanks to a deed that has been preserved through the centuries, we can trace the beginnings with certainty: on 27 February 1584, the Duke of Brunswick authorised the operation of a paper mill at Relliehausen in the Solling hills. Papermaker Merten Spieß, beneficiary of the ducal authorisation, set to work and wrote the first chapter of a success story that continues to this day. At that time, sheets of foolscap paper were particularly sought-after for official documents of all kinds. However, …
  • History of the company Haslab GmbH

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    The beginning was in 1962. The former company Haska was one of the oldest laboratory supply providers in Switzerland. The company Haslab, which originated from Haska in 2001, was a small, flexible company and always had great success due to its proximity to customers. Since 2017 and due to the retirement of the team, the shareholders have handed over Haslab to younger hands. The new team with their decades of experience in the field of laboratory supplies have been leading the company Haslab …
  • Intuitive, automates vacuum process, saves time – VACUUBRAND® VARIO® select pumping unit

    Media release of VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG
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    Vacuum is required in many chemical processes, as sensitive sample materials cannot be heated to any desired temperature. Pressure is often the decisive control variable for gentle and time-saving process control without causing sample degradation. To ensure that the correct vacuum process settings can be made as quickly and easily as possible, all VACUUBRAND pumping units are equipped with the new VACUU·SELECT® vacuum controller. The user interface is specifically designed for lab applications…
  • Kontaminationsprävention in Forschung und Produktion

    Media release of Getinge Schweiz AG
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    Kontaminationsprävention in Forschung und Produktion Bei der Entwicklung von neuen Therapien oder der Erforschung von Therapiemethoden der Zukunft geht es immer darum, Kontamination zu vermeiden. Getinge Life Science vereint ein umfassendes Angebot an Ausrüstungen, technischem Know-how und Beratungsservices. Zusammen decken diese Lösungen sowohl gängige als auch hochspezialisierte Prozessanforderungen zur Kontaminationsvermeidung in der biopharmazeutischen Produktion, der biomedizinischen Forsch…
  • Micronic launches full range of hybrid tubes

    Media release of NBS Scientific
    • Hall 1.1 E121
    Micronic widens the range of successful “hybrid” tubes. The leader in sample storage introduced 4 coding concepts, a tube with multiple sample identification methods, last year. Since then the demand has only increased, which Micronic answered by introducing a wider spectrum of sizes to accommodate all Life Science industries. The new range is available in several sizes: the 0.75ml and 1.40ml (96-well format); 2.00ml and 3.00ml (48-well format); 1.50ml, 3.00ml and 6.00ml (24-well format) tubes. …
  • NEW Particle Size Analyzers in our Portfolio!

    Media release of Anton Paar Switzerland AG
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    Anton Paar introduces particle size analyzers (PSA) Anton Paar’s portfolio for particle characterization has been expanded greatly by three new laser diffraction instruments for particle size analysis. The PSA instruments are based on the laser diffraction principle and give information about the particle size distribution in dry powders as well as in liquid dispersions. The new particle size analyzers, which have been recently acquired from the French company CILAS (Orléans, France), represent …