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Product description

cocoon™ reactors are resistant to sulphuric acid in concentrations up to 99% below 150°C and they are used at temperatures up to 260°C. The corrosion below 205°C is insignificant. The reactors are far superior to any other available material in H2SO4 concentrations of 0 to 90% and temperatures of 0 to 250°C. The reactors are resistant to hydrochloric acid at 150°C up to 35% and at 200°C up to 25%. cocoon™ reactors are extremely robust against nitric acid as well, in concentrations up to 98% and temperatures up to 100°C.The resistance to bases is similar to that of borosilicate glass.

Features and advantages:
  • Superior corrosion-protection properties, similar to glass
  • Resistant to HCL, aqua regia, chloride corrosion
  • More resistant and cheaper than Hastelloy®
  • Sturdier than enamel
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High biocompatibility
  • Compatible with the JUCHHEIM classic modular reactor construction system


JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte GmbH

JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte GmbH


Exhibitor profile

JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte GmbH was founded on the 01.09.2016 by Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Zang and is a medium-sized, globally oriented company. The fundamental knowledge base was acquired from the former Juchheim Laborgeräte GmbH, founded in 1927 by Karl Kurt Juchheim. Thus, by including former employees, the young company retains a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise in the construction of laboratory equipment and pressure reactors.

Numerous innovations in the laboratory environment are associated with the name JUCHHEIM. This is based on the fact, that JUCHHEIM always maintained an open-minded approach to their customers needs and desires. We are committed and feel obligated to continue this tradition.

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