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Monitoring rapid curing reactions with the IRis-F1

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Find out about the unique features and advantages of the IRis-F1 through the example of fast reaction monitoring in the curing process, including the ability to observe data within milliseconds, while acquiring high spectral resolution – which is typically not possible with other optical technologies.


IRsweep AG

IRsweep AG


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IRsweep’s vision is to revolutionize optical sensing by introducing an ultrafast laser spectrometer in the mid‐infrared. It is based on Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Combs invented by IRsweep Co‐founders in 2012 at ETH Zurich.

A spectrometer is a common piece of equipment in industries and laboratories, used to investigate the molecular composition of a sample in a nondestructive way. The main drawback of today’s spectrometers is their low speed: measurement times of seconds to minutes are needed for the acquisition of a complete spectrum. However, many processes happen on timescales of microseconds, which can’t be observed with these techniques.

The IRis-F1 is a laser‐based infrared spectrometer which exploits the extraordinary sensing performance of so‐called frequency‐combs in the mid‐infrared spectral region. As a result, the IRis-F1 offers an unmatched combination of high measurement speed with the high brightness of a laser‐based instrument and a multi‐color output.

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