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Product description

Hana is a user-friendly microfluidic system with scatter and fluorescence parameters that enables sorting and dispensing at your own benchtop.

Namocell’s proprietary microfluidic technology enables very fast sorting and dispensing single cells. It simplifies and empowers a number of single cell applications, including cell line development, single cell genomics, monoclonal antibody isolation, CRISPR selection, synthetic biology, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) isolation and circulating fetal cells isolation. It is affordable, user-friendly, and requires almost no training to operate.

  • Dispense single cells into 96-wells plate in less than a minute or 384-well plate in less than 3 minutes
  • Sort 100M cells in 5 minutes
  • Initialize the instrument within 2 minutes
  • Input can be as low as 100 cells
  • Sample density can range from 100 cells/mL to 1B cells/mL
  • Low pressure ensures cell viability and integrity
  • Low cost of total ownership


Witec AG Experts in life science products & single cell technologies

Witec AG Experts in life science products & single cell technologies


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