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Product description

The HPTLC PRO Module APPLICATION is a part of the CAMAG® HPTLC PRO SYSTEM, which is the first fully automated HPTLC system worldwide.
The HPTLC PRO Module APPLICATION is used for application of samples as bands onto HPTLC glass plates. The CAMAG® HPTLC Software visionCATS allows you to prepare several analysis files, which can be used sequentially (Sequence Mode). In this mode, the application of up to 75 samples is supported (on up to five different HPTLC plates).
As a part of the CAMAG® HPTLC PRO SYSTEM, the Module APPLICATION shares several components with the other modules and has a similar design. Each module can be operated either as standalone (Module Mode) or within the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM (System Mode). For the System Mode the modules are connected and a conveyor transports the HPTLC plate from one module to the other.





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CAMAG invents high-end instruments for High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) and supports its clients with analytical methods, training, technical services and analytical consultancy. Wherever complex substance mixtures are analyzed, HPTLC often is an excellent alternative to GC and HPLC or provides complementary information. Moreover, HPTLC has proven its value as a reliable quantitative analysis technique for the quality assurance of herbal medicines and dietary supplements, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industrial products. Since 1958, CAMAG is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of instruments, software and consumables for all steps of TLC and HPTLC. CAMAG products are truly Swiss Made and have an excellent reputation throughout the world.

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