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Your No. 1 specialist for laboratory glassware cleaning
The extensive use of glassware in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories coupled with the large variety of potential contaminants presents a major challenge to detergents and cleaning methods. The detergent must be effective and reliable in use, but at the same time must not deposit any residues. After all, your glassware must be perfectly clean each time you use it.

Perfect cleaning is a reality
We have been at the forefront of aqueous cleaning technology for more than 40 years. We have a worldwide reputation for the development of high-quality cleaning products for the manual and automatic cleaning of laboratory glassware. We supply a wide range of well-proven deconex® and glisseal brand products.


Borer Chemie AG Life Sciences

Borer Chemie AG Life Sciences


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Borer Chemie AG – the competent partner for professional cleaning of laboratory glassware.

Borer Chemie AG offers globally recognised brand products and technologies for cleaning and disinfection for professional applications in medical institutions, industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical sector. Our solutions are based on many years of expertise and proven competence. deconex® brand is on the market since 1965 always ensuring residue-free cleaning, excellent performance, safety and quality.

We are aware that the market as well as increasingly stricter laws demand new solutions from us and we continuously invest in research and development to meet the needs of our customers, both economically and ecologically. New formulations of deconex® cleaning agents, without harmful ingredients, contribute to the improvement of safety at work and help to protect the environment. deconex® green-line products offer a perfect balance between the high cleaning efficiency and ecological demands.

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