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METALL+PLASTIC - Cleanroom solutions

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• Cleanroom solutions for the aseptic production of pharmaceutical products.
• Unique in engineering, consulting and project management.
• 100% incoming goods inspection ensures perfect quality.
• Optimized material and work flow guarantees on-time and short deliveries.
• Perfection down to the last detail to meet pharmaceutical requirements.
• Products made by METALL+PLASTIC - a combinations of high tech equipment and skilled staff.
• Machine and hand polished for premium quality.
• In-house production for key components to meet short delivery times.
• In-house manufacturing of electrical and pneumatical cabinets.
• Material Transfer Chamber (MTC) - quick and safe transfer of materials and tools into and out of the isolator.
• Good accessibility and cleanability.
• Whether cycle development, process validation or revalidation of your process – we are the experts.
• Always one step ahead – we drive innovation.
• Catalytic converter technology for short cycle times.
• Fully automated glove leak testing system – easy handling and GMP compliance.
• We own the complete process – emitters made by METALL+PLASTIC for E-Beam tunnel technology.
• E-Beam tunnel – sterile transfer of syringe or vial tubs into filling line isolator.
• GMP compliant documentation.
• Premium quality meets customer requirements.
• Worldwide service.



Metall + Plastic GmbH

Metall + Plastic GmbH


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