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AFYS3G Automated Laser Marker used in combination with Micronic Hybrid tubes

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The Lambda8 laser marker can mark tubes from 0.30ml to 15.00ml. The device does not use labels, stickers or ink to mark tubes. Several adapters are available for the wide variety of tubes the Lamdba8 is compatible with. The laser can be used to engrave any shape, logo, text or sample ID directly onto the surface of a tube even frozen. This makes the markings resistant to chemicals, mechanical wear and temperatures between +100ºC and -196ºC.
The Lambda8 from AFYS3G is a reliable CE/UL approved solution for labware high resolution marking, providing CSV input/output compatible with LIMS.
The device can be used with the Hybrid tubes of Micronic. The Hybrid tubes range includes externally threaded tube with side coding that uniquely combine 4 coding cocepts to track and trace samples :1D, 2D and human readable codes permanently laser-etched into white surfaces enabling automated and visual sample identification. The hybrid tube contain a triple start thread for an optimal sealing quality.


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